Each year the world wastes 1.3 billion tons of food.

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How can we begin to face a problem that big? Maybe YOU have an idea.
Gather your courage, look hunger in the eye and start thinking!

Join us and work on a project

We are looking for 200 undergraduate students who won’t back down from a challenge.
#FoodSavingBEC Bocconi Expo2015 Competition offers a framework to study food waste and start searching for new solutions.

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80% of the food we waste is perfectly edible.
That's enough to feed 2 billion people.

Apply to #FoodSavingBEC and come to Milan’s Università Bocconi in June 2015, on the occasion of EXPO 2015.

Submit a video presenting yourself and your reasons for wanting to be part of this exciting initiative.
If selected, you’ll spend a week working with fellow students from around the world and Bocconi faculty on developing a project to combat food waste.

In the industrialized world over 40% of food loss occurs during the distribution and consumption phases.

Latest news

One hundred ambassadors in the world against food waste: the winners of #FoodSavingBEC

The 12 winners of the competition organized by Bocconi, Expo2015, Mipaaf and The European Commission come from 8 different countries and 10 universities


The French embassy will offer financial support to the five top ranking French students

The French embassy will allocate 350 Euros for each of them in order to cover the travel expenses


The List of the Admitted Students

#FoodSavingBEC Selection Committee is glad to announce the list of the students admitted to the competition


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Reducing food waste is everyone's responsibility

Your idea might be the one that makes the difference!